The Missing Part of “The Secret” Movie

By Guest Author Anya M Dee

The Law of Attraction has taken some hits as of late. “The Secret” movie is partially to blame for that due to some things it casually left out. Overall it was a great job of showcasing the Law of Attraction as a “crash course”. Here’s the problem though- there were a lot of holes left in its delivery. If you never heard of it, its presentation could have been a bit confusing. Remember actress Bonnie Hunt? On her television talk show she noted, “So if a kid wants a bike, all they have to do is think about it and it shows up? That’s unrealistic!” She mentioned her problem with The Secret movie more than a few times during her show and it definitely created an issue for many new viewers. Is this true? Can you just focus your mind on a “new bike” or “new job” or “$5,000 check” and automatically get it?” Is this what The Secret movie was trying to tell us?

The answer of course is “No!” Here’s the thing about the Law of Attraction: it requires the dreamer to do something … anything, anything that is going to push you towards your goal. Let’s face it- we can all sit at our kitchen tables and visualize “a check for $10,000″… in fact, we can do it for seven hours a day everyday for a year but does that mean it’s going to be in the mailbox? Probably not- Law of Attraction at work or not! Finding the missing piece though can open the door for it to truly work. Yes- everything starts with a thought. This is the initial energy that puts everything into its outline but its action that puts it into form. Action is the key to it all. For example, let’s say you want to make an extra $100 a week. Visualize it, sure. Make a vision board to help you. Put notes up on your refrigerator. Add to that action though! What interests you? Do you like dog-walking? Start putting flyers up at coffee shops and libraries that promote your services. Put up a small website promoting yourself in the local market too. There are plenty of places this business can go. The purpose though is that you have the vision and then connect it to immediate action afterwards. This is the part that a lot of people missed from The Secret- not that it isn’t in there, but it isn’t completely evident immediately if you aren’t at all familiar with the Law of Attraction.

Every time you find something else to want, make sure that you put together a dual-plan to get it. Visualize and picture already having it. Combine that with the feelings of having it, but then DO SOMETHING! Let the Universe lead you into exactly what that “something” is, but don’t hesitate. One thing that I heard a Law of Attraction leader once say is: “The Universe loves speed!” So true, so why not go with it? Your dreams could be yours that much sooner!

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Anya Dee is a Chicago-based writer who specializes in Law of Attraction work and resources. Getting what you want starts like anything else- with training. Visit Successful Women in Business for more information or email for personal consultation and help.

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